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Casa rural La Velada
Country hotel La Velada

La Velada is a rural cottage located in the "maragato" village calledLuyego de Somoza, near Astorga, Camino de Santiago, Duerna river and Teleno mountain.

The house was built in 1849 and restored in 1999, respecting and preserving the existing materials such as stone walls, wood beams and inside oven. The house is also equipped with the comforts of modern life, such as heating, bathrooms, new windows and so on.

Copla a Casa rural la Velada

This house (Ms. Antonia´s house), was the meeting place for young people (mozos y mozas) in the past. Girls came here to weave in the winter nights (to spend the night - "la velada"). Saturdays and Sundays boys were also welcome and all they together sang and danced by candlelight.